Updates on the MedQuist Class Action Settlement

Medical transcriptionists who transcribed work for MedQuist at any time during the period from November 29, 1998 to August 11, 2008 and were paid on a line-based unit of measure for their work are a part of the class action settlement concerning MedQuist’s breach-of-contract.

According to the official MedQuist settlement page, “the case asserts that MedQuist manipulated its computer systems to underpay its medical transcriptionists for their per-line medical transcription work. MedQuist denies that it did anything wrong.”

The bulk of the $1.5 million settlement payment will go to the Association for Healthcare Documentation (AHDI). These funds will be “used to fund programs for the general benefit of medical transcriptionists and the medical transcription industry. In addition, qualifying class members will be eligible to participate in certain AHDI programs free of charge. No payments will be made directly to any individuals.”

If you have further questions/concerns about this settlement, click here to view AHDI’s FAQs about the MedQuist Class Action Settlement.

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