Two Steps Away from U.S. Health Care Reform

As reported by the National Post on Monday morning, The United States House became the first chamber of congress to pass a comprehensive health reform bill, voting 220-215 in favor of the 10-year Affordable Health Care for America Act on Saturday night.

President Barack Obama was quoted in the article saying, “We are just two steps away from achieving health insurance reform in America,” and he’s confident that the Senate will pass its version of the legislation in the near future.

Most likely, the Senate will have a different version of the health care reform bill, and it will need 60 of 100 votes to pass. If it passes, both the House and the Senate will need to meet to agree on a single package.

Currently, the reform package includes obligatory coverage, tax hikes for the wealthy and a clause to prevent insurers from rejecting customers with pre-existing conditions.

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