Travel Nurses: Where to go on next Assignment?

Nurses across the country are ending their summer stays on assignment and are looking for employment elsewhere.  The following five states have the highest demand for nurses and are great examples of places to explore while on the job. 

California: The weather here is intriguing; you could place yourself in snow or sun in the winter depending on where you choose to go.  It is estimated that CA will need about 300,000 RNs by 2016. 

Florida: The opportunity for RNs in this state only goes up over time.  Much of the population consists of 65 and older, however its exciting cities and nightlife are very appealing.  No snow here, either.

New York: This state speaks for itself, and will also be in great demand for RNs over the next decade.  There are plenty of interesting and fun things to do in the city.

Ohio: By 2016, 130,000 RNs will be needed in the Buckeye state.  Ohio has three major metropolitan areas including Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.  Cleveland’s professional sports teams and remodeled downtown should attract many RNs.

Pennsylvania: Currently, there are 17,000 health care workers needed throughout PA.  Philly and Pittsburgh are two cities with extraordinary historical sites. 

The whole country is currently running on a shortage of RNs.  These five states would be great for traveling nurses, but they should not be limited to these five.