Travel Nurse Staffing Client Becomes JCAHO Certified

One of our travel nurse staffing factoring clients had some exciting news to share with us last week.  They wrote to tell us that their company achieved the Gold Seal of Approval for healthcare staffing services from the Joint Commission for Accreditation and Certification Operations (JCAHO).

The temporary nurse staffing company underwent an audit of its complete operations including amongst other things, compliance with national standards, qualification and competency of staff (office and nurses), how nurses are placed and how nurse and staff’s performance is monitored.

The nurse staffing factoring client also mentioned that at the present time, only about 5% of all healthcare staffing firms have achieved the standard. The JCAHO certification program offers an independent, comprehensive evaluation of a staffing firm’s abilities to provide competent and safe staffing services.

It is hoped that this certification will provide the travel nurse staffing factoring client with increased access to new customers.