Transcription Battle over Spheris

In February, the nation’s second largest medical transcription provider, Spheris, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and filed documents¬† stating that it would sell its American and Canadian assets to MedQuist, Inc. If the sale were to go through, MedQuist would become the America’s largest medical transcription provider.

Since the announcement of the Spheris-MedQuist deal, there have been several complaints:

  • Nuance objected the deal because it would give MedQuist an unfair advantage over other potential bidders.
  • MutilModal Technologies, Inc., who provides SRT to Spheris, filed a complaint saying the sale would put the company’s intellectual property at risk because MedQuist is a competitor.
  • Oracle objected the deal because the sale would allow an unauthorized transfer of Oracle’s software that’s used in Spheris’ applications.

A bankruptcy judge was scheduled to hold an auction of Spheris’ assets on April 13.

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