Top 5 Nursing Careers

Everyone knows that nurses are going to be in high demand for the foreseeable future. Driving that point home even more, Brian Summers recently blogged about the Top Five Nursing Careers in the upcoming years. For the benefit of our nurse staffing readers, the nurse staffing account receivable specialists at PRN Funding wrote a condensed version of the post below:

One: Travel Nursing Careers
Travel nurses have the ability to control their career paths while working in a variety of healthcare settings. The pay is good too, ranging from $22-$40/hour.

Two: Military Nursing Careers
Basically, military nurses choose a career in the armed forces, which opens the door to some exciting travel and education benefits while adding a lot of support to the nation.

Three: Forensic Nursing Careers
The main objective of forensic organization is to ensure that criminals are brought to book for their wrongdoings, and forensic nurses help these organizations by documenting injuries and collecting DNA evidence. In addition, forensic nursing is considered one of the top-paying nursing jobs.

Four: Legal Nurse Consulting Careers
In order to become a legal nurse consultant, you need to have specialized training above and beyond your RN license. In addition, legal nurse consultants can easily bring in $100-$150/hour for their services, which include: providing medical and legal inputs to a legal team after analyzing the medical evidence of an event and/or testifying in court as an expert witness in cases that include medical malpractice and product liability.

Five: Surgical Nurse Careers
If you recall, we blogged about how some hospitals are seeing shortages in specialized nurse positions yesterday. So it’s no surprise that surgical nurse careers are anticipated to be in high demand in the next decade. Basically, surgical nurses assist doctors in prep work for surgeries as well as carrying out post-op recovering procedures and administrative duties.