Thoughts on ACE2012

The medical transcription invoice factoring specialists from PRN Funding are all unpacked and settling back in from their visit to Indianapolis for AHDI’s Annual Convention and Expo at the JW Marriott Indianapolis. Specifically, PRN Funding had the opportunity to meet up with one of our current clients, and we bumped into two previous clients at the show.

A few additional observations from this year’s conference (from the exhibitor’s perspective):

    1. It seemed like the show, as a whole, was much smaller than in the past. It felt like there were fewer bodies in the exhibit hall (both exhibitors and attendees) at this show.
    2. The attendees were professional and eager to learn about PRN Funding’s medical transcription factoring services. PRN Funding was able to discuss how factoring can help small MTSOs balance out their cash flow to many attendees.
    3. The exhibitors were engaging and interactive.
    4. Everyone (exhibitors and attendees alike) enjoyed the Treasure Hunt (PRN Funding was a participant).

      PRN Funding is dedicated to help medical transcription service owners continue to maintain a positive cash flow as the transcription and documentation industry continues to change over the years. We look forward to seeing everyone again in Lake Buena Vista, FL in 2013.