The Nurse Company Announces Launch of MyNurseBook

Is anyone familiar with The Nurse Company?

It’s the first company in the history of the nursing profession dedicated solely  global nurse shortage.  In a recent press release, The Nurse Company described themselves as “the word’s leading nurse shortage management, market research, and advisory company with strategic relationships in 14 countries and territories.”

The Nurse Company offers nurses the use of social media tools to develop collaborative communities and tools to nurses.  Some of their featured resources include:

MyNurseBook, connects nurses around the world interested in networking and sharing their opinions

MyNurseBoard, matching nurses with employers and employer with nurses

MyTrustRex, connecting health professionals and patients

MyNurseStore, online shopping for nurses

MyNurseSchool, online education for nurses (Coming Soon!)

Check it out and let us know what you think about the organization.  We welcome your comments.