Speech Recognition Technology – Embrace it or Fight it?

Bob Gerzel, Executive VP of Transcription, Technology, & Support, LLC wrote an article in the October 2007 edition of Health Data Matrix entitled: A 360-degree Look at SRT in which he talked about how technological advances in the medical transcription industry affects customers, prospective customers, MTSOs and MTs.


In the article, Gerzel writes:


“To many MTSOs, speech recognition is nothing more than a productivity tool enabling them to accomplosh more with the same or fewer resources.  Some MTSOs have embraced speech recognition technology and have enjoyed much success in this environment.  They continue to find a growing number of opportunities on a variety of platforms, while others have chosen a model whereby they operate on the client/vendor speech recognition platforms.


Since healthcare organizations continue to look to reduce costs and increase performance, those MTSOs who have chosen to embrace speech recognition technology have positioned themselves well for future opportunities.”


Q: Do you agree with Gerzel’s analysis?  Should MTSOs continue to embrace new technologies in the medical transcription industry?  Should they continue to partner with vendor management systems?