Some Call for Medical Billing Act

Medical billing is a complex process, and like anything that involves money and credit it is sometimes controversial. While no one likes getting a medical bill, but sometimes it is even worse than that and customers are left with ruined credit over procedures and charges they don’t even remember incurring. Credit advocate Call 12 for Action is currently investigating medical billing issues, and are pursuing legislation that would treat medical billing the same as credit card billing. Credit card billing has the The Fair Credit and Billing Act, a strong consumer protection law that gives customers rights when disputing bills.

A big problem with current medical billing is that unpaid bills are sometimes reported to credit agencies before they have a chance to be paid or while being processed by insurance. Therefore, a current bill that Call 12 for Action is backing is the Debt Responsibility Act, introduced by Senator Jeff Merkley, D-Ore, which would prohibit credit-reporting agencies from using paid or settled debts to determine credit ratings.

A reformed billing process might cause cash flow issues for medical providers, and that’s where factoring comes in. Medical factors solve cash flow issues for facilities that need it, and if the bill passes then medical providers might just need it.

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