Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Homecare Agencies

The July issue of HomeCare magazine published an article discussing a marketing method that our home care factoring clientele–current and prospective–may want to take to heart.

While some businesses may do fine to refrain from the use of social media to market their goods, the interpersonal nature of Home Healthcare lends itself perfectly to the use of Facebook to better market to sick and elderly individuals in need of care.

Since Facebook is an interactive, largely visual medium, it can be an excellent way to display the ability of your company to engage with patients face-to-face. Your tone of voice as well as pictures displayed on your page portraying interactions with clients, will give potential patients considering placing themselves under your care an idea of what they can expect.

As your home healthcare business grows–whatever your specialty–you can expect that patients’ invoices, or clients’ payments will be delayed. Fast access to cash is necessary for growth. Home healthcare factoring and/or nurse staffing factoring may be the perfect solution to your cash flow needs.