Small Businesses Sign Up for Payroll Services – Sign of Improving Economy?

Automatic Data Processing’s (ADP) Chief Executive Officer, Gary Butler, told Bloomberg BusinessWeek recently that “sales of services to companies with 50 employees or fewer have increased since September.

Butler was quoted: “It’s a clear indication that small business is coming back…You don’t put in a new HR system or payroll system if your business isn’t going to grow.”

Butler also said that the increase in business is similar to the one he saw in 2002 and 2003 after the last recession.

PRN Note:
Companies oftentimes experience cash flow problems when they expand their payroll and hire additional personnel quickly. Small business owners who are experiencing a rapid growth phase should consider PRN Funding’s factoring services to help even out their cash flow.

Click here to read the entire story: ADP – Small Employers May Be Signaling Recovery.

2 Replies to “Small Businesses Sign Up for Payroll Services – Sign of Improving Economy?

  1. I really loved this post. You describe this topic very well. A payroll company should understand the needs of today’s small to medium sized business owner. Your time is precious! You can’t afford to waste time on non productive/non revenue producing activities such as Payroll, HR, or Employee benefits. Your payroll company should specialize in filling this need for you and their staff of experts should consult with you to develop a payroll and business services plan that is custom-made to your exact situation. Your payroll provider should offer quick and convenient online access for any payroll service, benefit or reporting need. It should help employers in meeting business compliance issues today and in the future as your business grows in this cutthroat environment. The advantage of out-sourcing your payroll is that it relieves you of the annoyance and technicalities of running a business so you can concentrate on building your business.

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