Review of 2010 MTIA Conference

Although we weren’t necessarily thrilled when MTIA decided to raise it’s membership fees, the medical transcription factoring specialists at PRN Funding continued to support the organization.

Part of our allegiance is to exhibit at the 21st Annual MTIA Conference in Daytona Beach. Although it was great for networking, and the show was structured very well, we were disappointed with the attendee turnout. The 2010 numbers were significantly lower than past years.

Q: If you routinely attend the medical transcription trade show, why did you choose to go (or not go) to the 2010 MTIA Conference?

One Reply to “Review of 2010 MTIA Conference”

  1. Great that you were there, Phil.

    I went for the networking, specifically to discuss others’ plans for “innovating” in a mature, commodity-like transcription marketplace. I was also somewhat surprised at the low turnout, given the high degree of uncertainty, anxiety, and opportunity out there. The education sessions reflected the theme (Change) fairly well, I thought, at least in spirit.

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