Ongoing Nurse Staffing Payroll Funding Process

Most factoring firms can establish a new account in as little as three business days. But what happens after that? When nurse staffing agencies choose to work with a factor that understands their business model, the daily funding procedures are just as easy as the approval process.

The day-to-day nurse staffing payroll funding process works like this:

Staff Nurses & Send out Invoices
The beginning of the nurse staffing payroll funding process is not so different from your normal staffing procedures. You staff your nurses at a medical facility, collect your employees’ time sheets, and issue invoices to the facility. The only change at this stage of the process is the remittance address. Most nurse staffing payroll funding firms ask that their remittance information be printed directly on the invoice.

Send Information to the Funder
After you send your invoices and timesheets to your customer, those invoices are officially eligible for sale. So the next step is to send a copy of those invoices and their corresponding timesheets to your payroll funder. Typically, nurse staffing agencies send these items to a payroll funder via fax or email.

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