Obama holds NH Town Hall to Promote Health Care Bill

Yesterday, President Obama spoke at a high school in New Hampshire, a state known for being independent on many issues.  Obama iterated that the government would not be in control of individuals’ health insurance.  Critics on the right have questioned the public option piece of the reform that they say will ultimately lead to a single-payer system. 

Obama encouraged critics of his plan to ask questions at the forum; however a majority of the inquiries came from proponents of the plan.  At one point, the President had to request that skeptics of his plan step up to the microphone. 

Obama said, “I don’t think government bureaucrats should be meddling but I don’t think insurance company bureaucrats should be meddling.” Obama also reiterated the “wild misrepresentations” that he claims have been floating around. 

Yesterday throughout the country, many senators and members of congress held town hall meetings of their own.  Senator Arlen Specter had a meeting in Mount Lebanon, PA, which was highlighted by a member in the audience who got boisterous while asking his question. 

It is clear that health care reform is rising on the list of important issues to Americans.  People on both sides are very passionate and want to make sure that this bill is either passed or completely destroyed.  In fact, a recently published Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows support of the plan declining.  Only 42% of Americans now support the plan and 53% oppose it.

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