New transcribing options available for medical transcriptionists

With all of the changes going on in the medical transcription industry, medical transcription service owners (MTSOs) and medical transcriptionists have a lot on their plate. Still there are a lot of transcriptionists who remain optimistic and have good reasons to back up their viewpoints. In her blog,, Diane Fusco (an 18-year medical transcriptionist veteran) often talks about triumphs in the medical transcription industry. Below is a passage from her blog, which talks about a new transcribing outlet that has recently become available to medical transcriptionists out of necessity:

“I am saving the best news for last: with the popularity of teleseminars, Webinars and podcasts, it seems like just about everyone has some audio that needs to be transcribed. In the last six months I’ve had more requests to type general than medical audio. These clients just find me. But do you want to know where to get clients who are in a field that uses a lot of transcription? Coaching! That’s right—personal and business coaches do their fair share of teleseminars and each of these needs a transcript. And with coaching deemed one of the hottest professions of the next ten years, that’s indeed good news for transcriptionists.”

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