Another Obamacare Delay Extends Skimpy Plan Coverage Until 2016

Another Obamacare delay? Indeed. The Obama administration put off another key aspect of the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday and will allow insurance companies to continue selling skimpy plans that don’t meet the new, stricter standards. This is the second delay that involves these types of plans. It was first delayed in 2013 after upset consumers realized their health plans could be cancelled because they didn’t meet minimum requirements.

The series of delays leaves employers wondering how they should implement the healthcare mandate. The employer mandate has also been delayed twice and many businesses won’t have to comply until 2016. That is, if more delays aren’t on the horizon.

Fewer Americans are gaining coverage under the Affordable Care Act than was predicted. Between the catastrophic rollout of and the decisions of many states not to expand Medicaid eligibility, millions of Americans are still without coverage. Younger consumers are failing to enroll, which was a key component to ensure the cost of healthcare coverage remains affordable.

The law was intended to provide affordable coverage to all, but it’s only predicted to make a small dent in the amount of uninsured Americans in 2014. The Congressional Budget office estimates that 30 million Americans may still be uninsured by 2020.