New Medical Billing and Coding Professional Association

The APMBA (Association of Professional Medical Billers and Administrators) officially opened this week, and they’re accepting memberships to the organization.

What’s more, the new association is offering ½ off the Platinum and Gold memberships until 05/31/2012.

    1. Platinum Membership: $199.00 covers 1 year membership benefits including the CMBA and CMBA-D exam.
    2. Gold Membership: $159.00 covers 1 year membership benefits includes the CMBA exam
    3. Silver Membership: $99.00 membership only does not cover exam (not eligible for ½ off discount)
    4. CMBA-Certified Medical Billing Administrator
    5. CMBA (D) – Certified Medical Billing Administrator (DME)

      Find out more details here.