National Nurses Week 2008

May 6-12 is National Nurses Week, and the theme for 2008 is Nurses: Making a Difference Every Day.  The American Nurses Association put together a media kit with tips and ideas to help temporary nurses celebrate the week, such as:Hold a special celebration or reception to recognize a nurse or several nurses in your community. These nurses could be honored for heroic acts, years of service to the community, exemplary courage, or their commitment to the nursing profession over the years.

Promote a positive, realistic image of registered nurses by sponsoring health fairs, conducting preventive screenings in underserved areas, organizing a walk-a-thon, etc.

Place an article in your state or local newspaper(s) about National Nurses Week and the value of nurses.

Invite a politician — local, state or federal — to accompany a nurse or several nurses at their place of employment for a day or part of a day. Health care remains an issue of tremendous importance to voters. Politicians should be visible and accountable for their positions on health care. This is a win-win situation and it offers good media coverage potential.

Ask every nurse in America to wear an “RN Pin” and/or nurse’s uniform during National Nurses Week. The official “RN Pin” is available by calling 1-800-445-0445 (credit card orders only).

Click here for more ideas on how to celebrate

National Nurses Week 2008.Q: How are you celebrating this important week in week with your employees?