MTIA Promotes Meaningful EHRs

As members of the Medical Transcription Industry Association  (MTIA), PRN Funding recently received a mailing explaining that dictation and medical transcription is still the most preferred, effective method for documenting healthcare encounters. MTIA listed a handful of other reasons:

    1. At least 1.2 billion clinical records are produced in the United States each year.
    2. 60% of all clinical notes are documented via traditional dictation and transcription.
    3. No documentation method captures complex patient stories better than narrative dictation.
    4. Transcriptionists/editors ensure accuracy of clicnical information and support physicians in risk management.

    For a list of MTIA member companies, visit MTIA’s web site.

      One Reply to “MTIA Promotes Meaningful EHRs”

      1. Understandably voice recognition software’s are not the preferred choice of the 60% of the 1.2 billion clinical records that are produced in the US. The limitations of built-in speech recognition software’s are exposed in many EHR’s that are function in leading hospitals of the United States. The managements of many hospitals have dumped voice recognition software’s and have reverted back to documenting notes through dictation and transcription methods. As transcription service providers we have had the opportunity of working with many health care companies that are disappointed with the accuracy of transcripts generated by voice recognition software’s.

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