MTIA-AHDI Special Projects Initiative

According to MTIA’s web site, the Medical Transcription Industry Association partnered with AHDI to engage the Dewey Square Group lobbying firm that is tasked with proactively positioning the transcription industry associations with congressmen, senators and cabinet members in Washington, DC.

Here’s a list of what the initiative has already done for MTIA and AHDI members:

  1. Better defined landscape on meaningful use that will raise awareness about issues and will continue to make the case for our industry as rules and regulations around certification and future iterations of meaningful use are crafted
  2. Significantly moved the needle on awareness and visibility through education and grass roots connection, which will help us continue to establish stronger credibility and understanding of the roll the industry plays in an ever-changing healthcare system
  3. Created key relationships that focus on frequent, consistent connection in a personal way and will allow us to be on the offence and in front of policy as it is crafted rather than trying to change laws that have already been enacted, yielding a return over time
  4. Benefited from more targeted, strategic organization of our efforts, which has maximized the expertise of DSG and our resources
  5. Built critical advocacy infrastructure for future regulatory positioning, including identifying critical issues, shaping key messages, developing outreach strategies, and building key contacts

If you’re a medial transcriptionist or medical transcription service owner, and you want to invest in the MTIA Annual Fund for Advocacy/Public Affairs Special Projects Initiative, you can download the form here.

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