More Docs Adopting Health Information Technology

For years, physicians have been resisting advanced technologies, but according to an article in For The Record magazine, times are a changing.

In the past, physicians have been reluctant to adopt new technologies is because it would mean doctors would have to devote more time towards patient documentation. Other reasons why physicians were not interested in adapting is because of the costs involved with adding infrastructure, training and learning new technologies and realigning the workflow process.

However, the onset of user-friendly mHealth (mobile health) applications coupled with recent medical school graduates entering the profession with mounds of technology experience from the classroom is changing the scene.

In addition, as speech recognition technology continues to improve, more physicians are sure to adopt it into their everyday lifestyle. Moreover, there is a movement toward more mobile offerings designed for physician interface and documentation are the trend among SRT vendors. In short, the iPhone is a popular gadget for doctors, so SRT vendors are trying to make their technology incorporate smoothly with the iPhone technology.

Ruthann Russo, PhD, JD, MPH, RHIT, a documentation specialist who was interviewed for the article said, “There is a clear need for an integrated IT platform that will do the following:

  • improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health disparities;
  • engage patients and families
  • improve care coordination
  • improve population and public health; and
  • ensure adequate privacy security protections for PHRs(patient health records)”

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