Marketing Directly to Consumers of Private Duty Health Home Care

October 12, 2012
A recent article in the Private Duty Today newsletter addresses an issue that home healthcare providers often face: how to effectively market their services without breaking the bank.  After conducting market research, the author of the article put together a breakdown of the most effective marketing methods for this important field. The top four of the top results are displayed below, along with the percentage of responders who found the technique highly effective:

  1. Website (62.5%)
    You must have a functioning website that ranks high on search engines.
  2. Health Fairs (45.2%)
    Take advantage of opportunities for networking with other health care providers and getting that referral when the time comes.
  3. Sponsorship of Community Events (34.3%)
    A banner ad isn’t enough; you have to be actively involved with the event you sponsor (such as an Alzheimer’s Association or Parksinson’s disease fundraiser)
  4. Writing for Local Magazines and Newspapers (25.8%)
    A great way to build your brand is to write a column or an “Ask the Experts” in the local newspaper dealing with aging issues .

See the original article, Marketing Directly to Consumers of Private Duty Health Home Care.