Locum Tenens Helps Avoid Career Burnout

VISTA Staffing Solutions came out with a survey in January 2008 which gathered physicians’ opinions about the option of locum tenens.  Here are some of the surveys results:

70% of the respondents “agreed” or “strongly agreed” with the following statement, “Locum tenens can extend careers in medicine.”

53% “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that locum tenens can help doctors avoid burnout by giving them a feasible way to work part-time, make a transition or secure locum tenens coverage for their own practices.

82% of the respondents said that locum tenens is an attractive option for doctors who are considering semi-retirement.

58% of the surveyed doctors indicated that locum tenens would be a good option for physicians seeking to make a professional transition.

47% said working as a locum tenens after completing his/her residency training was also an attractive option.

Physicians aged 30-39 shared a strong preference to work partial or single days schedules, while doctors aged 40-49 preferred one-to-four week assignments, and physicians aged 50-59 agreed with the 40-49 age range in addition to an increasing interest in one-to-three month assignments.

Click here to read the press release: Locum Tenens Practice Option May Extend Careers in Medicine, Help Physicians Avoid Burnout.