LinkedIn is Best Social Network for Recruiters

Bullhom Reach released a new “Social Recruiting Activity Report,” which measured LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter’s frequency of usage by recruiters and their effectiveness for sourcing candidates. In a nutshell, the report showed that LinkedIn is the best social networking site for employers who are trying to recruit new employees. It’s not surprising to the medical staffing factoring specialists, whose Temporary Nurse Staffing Group on LinkedIn, is used frequently by recruiters looking for nurses.

Here are some other key findings:

  • Linkedin continues to grow at the fastest pace. (The average recruiter adds 18.5 LinkedIn connections each week, compared to 3.3 Twi.tter followers, 1.4 Facebook friends.)
  • LinkedIn drives more views per job than Twitter and Facebook, generating 3x the amount of views of Twitter and 6x the amount of Facebook.
  • Recruiters who post job apps on social media networks receive 9x more applicants than Facebook and 3x more than Twitter.
  • A Twitter follower is almost 3x more likely to apply for a job than a LinkedIn connection.
  • Each recruiter on LinkedIn has an average of 616 connections.

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