Social Media for the Mind and Body – Jiff Reveals ‘Circle of Life’

If you can believe it, there is now a social network devoted to the collective wellness of healthcare consumers. Members of Jiff Inc.’s new platform, Circle of Health, will be able to embed a profile at the center of their very own network of friends, family, doctors, nurses, and insurance agents.

According to last month’s edition of the health information magazine, For the Record, Circle of Health (a HIPAA-approved service) will allow consumers to “share medical documents, videos, and information useful to managing health and wellness” with a network of three to fifteen people. This limited size will allow for greater privacy, facilitating simpler interactions among members of each network. Furthermore, Jiff is pushing to further simplify their platform by constructing an array of applications for member use.

The service may prove revolutionary, says Jiff CEO Derek Newell: “To date, healthcare has been communicated only on paper and through phone calls and office visits. This is a $2.7 trillion industry without an effective way for physicians to communicate and effectively keep track of the patient’s progress between office visits. Circle of Health changes that.”

Our medical transcription factoring clientele can find out more about this service on Circle of Health’s website.