IRS Files $80 Million Claims Against Chimes’ Debtors

It’s been almost a year since we first blogged about Ensemble Chimes Global vendor management system filing for bankruptcy, and bankruptcy trustee, Howard Ehrenberg announced last week that “they are pretty close to making claims against certain third parties.”

In a Staffing Industry Analyst’s post, Ehrenberg also mentioned that the IRS made $80 million in claims against the debtors in the Chimes bankruptcy case, including $50 million as a priority claim ahead of unsecured creditors (i.e. temporary staffing agencies).

In regards to temporary staffing firms who utilized Chimes’ vendor management system, Ehrenberg said that a few customers are continuing to dispute a court order to pay management fees.  “If those customers don’t pay, the court has allowed the fees to be collected from staffing firms involved.”

Click here to read the entire post: Claims may soon be filed in Chimes case.

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