Increase in Temporary Staffing – Highest in Five Years

Good news for temporary staffing readership:

An article in The Chicago Tribune boasts that the “Number of Temps on the Job the Highest in 5 Years.” Of course, this development correlates directly with high unemployment, but for staffing agencies in every industry, “the fastest growth in U.S. temporary payrolls in more than a year” brings good news that is expected to keep on giving.

Of course, any potential temporary staffing agency owner considering payroll funding or payroll factoring should be aware that “the rate is still below past peaks and below levels in other countries.” Still, the news bodes well, indicating the role that temporary staffing, “contract, or project-based workers play in the labor market.”

Temp rates for our temporary staffing entrepreneurs are expected to reach record levels in due time, according to analysts and industry executives. This widespread optimism is grounded not only in trends indicated by charts and statistics, but by the belief that there has been “a shift in the way companies hire. They want to use talent on an on-demand basis, when they need them for projects.”

In this sense, it is easy to see why your temporary staffing agency is bound for growth. Of course, in order to grow effectively, you will need to acquire more of the life-blood of your organization: Human resources. Payroll funding or temporary staffing factoring can help you achieve the growth you need to fill as many of your clients’ needs as the temp market grows.