How Will Health Care Reform Affect Medical Staffing Agencies?

President Obama signed the landmark health care reform bill yesterday, which will require the majority of employers (including medical staffing agencies) to pay a penalty to the government if they do not provide health insurance to their employees.

Temporary staffing firms are invited to attend the second national American Staffing Association (ASA) staffing law conference to learn how today’s laws will affect their businesses.

In fact, from April 20-21 in Washington, DC, ASA will offer attendees a full 90-minute briefing on the final health care reform legislation, and go into detail about what medical staffing firms will have to do to comply.

Other topics on the agenda include the following:

  • Client indemnity clauses and other risks
  • Background checks and negligent hiring
  • Immigration developments
  • Restrictive covenants and trade secret protection
  • Union issues

A brochure, which includes full descriptions of all the conference sessions, is available online at

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  1. What I still have not find out about the President’s plan is this section about pre-existing conditions… Is there any stuff in the bill about wether or not there is a limitation on what insurance providers can require if you have a pre-existing ailment?

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