How to Jumpstart a Successful Medical Billing Business

Did anyone see Vanessa Best’s article in the July issue of BC Advantage? In the article, How to Jumpstart a Successful Medical Billing Business (page 31-32), Vanessa lists 10 steps to start a medical billing and consulting business:

  1. Choose a business type.
  2. Choose the name.
  3. Develop a business plan.
  4. Learn about your market.
  5. Keep abreast of the medical field.
  6. Get reasonably priced software from vendors listed with the BBB.
  7. Develop your marketing strategy.
  8. Launch your marketing campaign.
  9. Establish how much your time is worth and set fees for service.
  10. Put it in writing!

Although the medical billing account receivable specialists agree with everything on Vanessa’s list, we thought medical billers and medical billing consultants should add one more thing to the list.

Team up with a medical billing accounts receivable factor. Most medical billing companies and medical billing consultants have to wait weeks to be paid for their billing services. Imagine a world where you sent an invoice to a physician, and you got paid on the same day. PRN Funding’s medical billing account receivable program is designed to do just that!

Check out our medical billing factoring web page for more details.