How Nurse Staffing Agencies can Utilize LinkedIn

The Haley Marketing Group talked up the advantages of LinkedIn, a social networking site for business people, in this week’s Net-Temps Recruiters e-newsletter.  The newsletter was in response to an inquiry from a staffing firm asking how and if they should use LinkedIn.  The temporary nurse staffing factoring specialists at PRN Funding thought this information would be useful to our staffing readers.


LinkedIn’s base of over 42 million people in 170 industries from all over the world is expanding by the second.  In fact, according to LinkedIn, one account is created every second.  But is LinkedIn becoming the next Facebook for business people? The Haley Marketing Group believes it is a powerful tool that can positively impact your medical staffing business.  Below are some of their tips for success.


  1. Maximize your network– Build a big network of former clients, prospective candidates, colleagues at former employers, alumni from schools you went to, and members of other groups you join.
  2. Use the company search– Find important executives who work at specific firms or recruit with LinkedIn by connecting with current or former employees in specific job functions.
  3. Use the people search tool– This feature allows you to search for candidates based on specific keywords they have listed in their profile.
  4. Use the group search tool– Find organizations and networking groups of people who are relevant to the types of prospects you are looking to hire. (Insert info about the “Temporary Nurse Staffing” Group here, and include the link.)
  5. Build your credibility– Ask for recommendations, share relevant articles with groups you join, and answer questions. 
  6. Keep people informed– Going to a trade show? Make sure you let people know when you are attending an event.
  7. Track your competition– Use the company search to see how they are utilizing LinkedIn.