How is the Sequester Impacting Staffing Services?

The first effects of sequestration are starting to be felt, and staffing agencies are feeling the ripples. Some in the recruiting industry are starting to see signs of agitation in the workforce market as companies begin to change their hiring strategies. According to the Washington Post, the current trend seems to be companies turning to staffing experts and wanting a “super multitasker” that can do the jobs of many. Many hiring managers also want to hire as soon as possible, because as the sequester drags on it could decrease the budget even more.

As more clients turn to staffing agencies, the agencies themselves may be in need of increased cash flow so they can accept more business. Factoring companies that specialize in the staffing industry should take heed, as they might see an increase in demand for staffing and payroll financing. Turmoil often leads to opportunity, and it’s those who take advantage of opportunity that come out on top.