How Factoring Brokers Can Close More Deals

Typically, the invoice factoring sales process happens in three parts: (1) Explanation of what is factoring by the broker to the business owner, (2) The conceptual embrace of factoring by the business owner, and (3) The closing, (a.k.a. the business owner agrees to factor his/her receivables). All too often, the process stalls in the closing phase of a factoring deal. The last thing a factoring broker wants to have happen is to see his/her hard work throughout the sales cycle come to a standstill. The following “Five Tips for Closing More Factoring Deals” are designed to help factoring brokers become more effective with the closing piece of the factoring sales process.

Sell the Business Owner What They Want, Not What They Need
A cardinal rule that many salespeople forget to follow during the closing process is a basic one: listen to what the business owner wants. Without a doubt, when a business owner approaches a factoring broker, he/she needs to improve his/her cash flow, but what they really want is cash. Make sure that your closing technique narrows in on the fact that invoice factoring will indeed fulfill their want – to have cash. Which sounds better to you? Saying something like “Factoring your invoices will help improve your cash flow;” or saying something like: “When you can sell your invoices to a factoring firm, you can literally receive cash the same day you invoice.”

Sell Invoice Factoring as a One-of-a-Kind Financing Solution
In the sales world, the word “only” is probably one of the most influential selling agents when it comes to closing a sale. As luck would have it, most business owners have never heard of the concept of factoring. In addition, these same business owners often approach a factoring broker when other traditional financing methods have failed them. This built-in scenario gives factoring brokers the ability to offer a very appealing and tailored one-of-a-kind solution to get a business owner cash fast-invoice factoring. Who could turn down that kind of offer?

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