’s Top 10 Careers with High Rates of Depression recently released the results of a study that ranked personal care providers as having the number one career that’s linked to bouts of depression. Nearly 11 percent of the people working in this field reported a major bout of depression.

Specifically, posted this about the caregiver career:

A typical day can include feeding, bathing, and caring for others who are “often incapable of expressing gratitude or appreciation…because they are too ill or too young or they just aren’t in the habit of it,” says Christopher Willard, clinical psychologist at Tufts University and author of Child’s Mind.

“It is stressful, seeing people sick and not getting a lot of positive reinforcement.”

Here is the Top 10 list of careers with high rates of depression:

  1. Personal care providers
  2. Food service staff
  3. Social workers
  4. Healthcare workers
  5. Artists, entertainers, and writers
  6. Teachers
  7. Administrative support staff
  8. Maintenance workers and groundskeepers
  9. Financial advisors and accountants
  10. Salespeople

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