Health Care Staffing Factoring Helps Business Owners Expand Agencies

Health care staffing factoring is beneficial for growing agencies struggling to make payroll while their clients (medical providers) take weeks or months to pay for their services. Oftentimes, these agencies can’t qualify for traditional financing because banks look at a company’s past-aka: a profitable operating history-in order to extend credit. However, medical staffing funding companies are more concerned with the agency’s future-aka: its growing accounts receivable-in order to extend credit. Let’s take a look at how one healthcare staffing agency used invoice factoring to improve its cash flow.

Slow Payments Hinder an Agency’s Growth
A new healthcare staffing agency was successfully staffing LPNs and CNAs at a handful of local hospitals. Since the company’s inception six months ago, it had gained an outstanding reputation for placing the most qualified and hard-working nurses. Even though the healthcare staffing agency was a popular choice, the owner kept turning down new clients because he was struggling to make payroll and pay taxes. Simply put, payments coming in were much slower than the agency owner had originally anticipated, and his cash flow was out of sorts.

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