Frequently Asked Questions for Factoring Brokers

PRN Funding, LLC has been in the business of healthcare factoring for over a decade. Since the company’s inception, we’ve always valued our factoring broker relationships. We even put together a quick reference guide of Frequently Asked Questions for Factoring Brokers on our company web site.

Q: What types of healthcare invoice factoring clients should I send to PRN Funding?

A: We focus exclusively on providing funding for companies that supply goods or services to medical providers. Examples of prospective clients include: temporary nurse staffing agencies, medical transcription services, medical coding companies, outsourced medical billing companies, medical supply companies, etc.

Q: Can my client qualify if it is a start-up company or has a history of credit problems?

A:Yes. PRN Funding has flexible healthcare factoring options for all types of businesses in all kinds of financial situations.

Q: Does PRN Funding loan my clients money?

A: No, PRN purchases your client’s accounts receivable. We make an outright purchase of the financial rights to your client’s invoices, and advance cash immediately.

Q: What invoices qualify for purchase by PRN?

A: Any valid invoice for services already performed or goods sold to a creditworthy customer, government agencies included.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the size of the invoice or the location of my client and my client’s customers?

A: No. PRN Funding has no minimums and no maximums. We grow with your clients as their companies expand.

Q: Does my client have to sign a term contract with PRN?

A: No, PRN Funding provides the ultimate in flexibility. PRN Funding does not require our clients to sign a termed contract.

Q: What is required before buying an invoice?

A: The work/goods must have been completed, delivered and accepted; and your customer must be a creditworthy risk.