Four Ways to Deal with Non-Paying Customers

The TemPay Staffing Times recently published an article that highlights a major problem facing modern staffing agencies: cash flow interruptions due to non-paying customers.  In a seasonal and fluctuating industry like temporary staffing, timely payments are extremely important as they are used to cover payroll and other expenses.

Dealing with problematic customers requires a delicate balance between firmness and lenience. The article outlines four ways to deal with these types of customers:

1. Keep on top of trends such as payment histories, so it’s easier to examine problems when they arise rather than figuring it out retrospectively.

2. Before getting frustrated with the customer, make sure that a change in your own protocol isn’t the cause of the problem.

3. Maintain composure while talking with delinquent customers, and focus on indentifying the problem and coming up with solutions.

4. Consider making customers who are routinely behind deliver payment directly to your offices.

If you attempt these steps and the customer still won’t pay, it may be time to cut off services. But, the article points out, if you have made an honest effort to help then the fault lies with the customer, not you. Click here for the original story, Not Getting Paid? 4 Ways to Deal with It.