For The Record – MTSOs, Mergers & Matchmaking

Did any MTSOs get a chance to read For The Record’s August article entitled: MTSOs, Mergers and Matchmaking?

In it, the writer discussed how brokers in the healthcare industry and medical transcription services owners view the buying and selling process within the medical transcription industry.

On the broker side, the writer interviewed Jason Robinett, the VP of Corporate Finance Advisors in Cleveland, Ohio.

He said that potential buyers are attracted to several qualities, including top-line revenue; large, positive cash flow; stable management; industry experience; a strong software platform; large hospital accounts; smaller ambulatory accounts; and strategic geographic locations.

Robinett also pointed out four main types of buyers (all with different motivations): other MTSOs that want to grow their business’ financial buyers, including private equity and venture capital groups; businesses in related industries such as medical billing or EMRs who want to cross-pollinate their business; and individuals.

The writer also interviewed Linda M. Sullivan, the president of New England Medical Transcription. She said that brokers and investors actively seek out companies for acquisition, and she uses those encounters to help her learn more about the current state of the industry.

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