Flu Season Presents Opportunities for Medical Temp Agencies

It’s normal this time of year for flu-related absences to pop up in the workplace. Add in the recent H1N1 outbreak , and employers across the nation are sure to suffer even more employee absences. Add in the rush of the holiday season, and the stage is set. Medical facilities especially will need to find ways to fill the staffing gaps.

Supplying allied health professionals and/or temporary nurses to hospitals, nursing homes and medical clinics now is a great way for small medical staffing agencies to get their foot in the door. Savvy business owners will take advantage of this opportunity.

What’s more…Agency owners who utilize nurse staffing factoring can rest easy if their clients take longer to pay during the fourth quarter. Factoring medical staffing invoices gives agency owners cash upfront so they have enough liquid capital to meet payroll and pay taxes.

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