Find Nursing Info on Twitter

Howard Gerber of Sunbelt Staffing did a great blog post about how nurses can use Twitter to stay up-to-date on nurse industry news. For the convenience of our nurse staffing industry readers, the temporary nurse staffing invoice funding specialists at PRN Funding wanted to re-post the valuable information on The Factoring Blog as well:

As a nurse, you probably work long hours and have very little down time to read about medical news, keep up with other nursing journals or nursing issues. Twitter can make it much easier to keep up with the latest news and information. By following accounts specific to the field of nursing, you can have all of the news and information sent to you in short bursts that can be read quickly. If they interest you, you can follow links for more information. With free Twitter apps available for all smart phones, you can keep up while on breaks at work or while you are on your commute home – as long as you aren’t driving!


This Twitter account is maintained by the Nursing Times website. They tweet multiple times a day and include news items related to the field of health, nursing, and nursing education.


This is the official Twitter account of the journal for the American Nurses Association. They tweet news articles from their own journal as well as from other health publications several times a day.


This Twitter account is maintained by the New England Journal of Medicine. While this is not a journal specifically for nurses, they do provide a wide range of medical information. The Twitter feed is updated several times a day as new articles are published to their site.


The American Journal of Nursing is a peer-reviewed journal that has been publishing evidence-based articles since 1900. Their Twitter feed is updated numerous times a day during the week and include links to their own articles, news articles, and information posted by other health organizations.


Minority nurses, nursing students, and faculty often face unique challenges in the field of medicine. This account tweets frequently and includes links to their own articles as well as to general health articles and resources for minorities.


This Twitter account is maintained by the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses. This is a national organization specifically for medical-surgical nurses. They update several times daily during the week with links to nursing news and resources as well as recommendations for other Twitter accounts to follow in the field of health.


This is another nursing specialty account maintained by the Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses. They discuss issues specific to their field as well as general health topics and items of interest to nurses in general.

There are hundreds of Twitter accounts that are maintained by nurses, nursing students, nurse educators, nursing journals, nursing schools, and nursing associations. Use these as a starting point and look at the organizations they are following as well as who they have as followers to find even more accounts you may be interested in.