Ethical Best Practices Manual for Healthcare Documentation Sector Now Available

According to its web site, AHDI and MTIA recently announced that the first set of documents for its compliance and ethical best practices program is now available for sale. This  first set of documents includes  sample HIPAA policies and procedures and a sample business associate agreement,pursuant to the new HIPAA regulations, which will be customizable for your business.

The entire manual (with a list price of $4000) will include the following:

* Best Practices Checklist
* Statement of Ethical Best Practices
* AHDI Code of Ethics
* MTIA Code of Ethics
* Best Practices in Operations
* Best Practices in Billing
* Best Practices in Compensation
* Best Practices in Marketing and Solicitation
* Employee vs. Independent Contractor Guidelines
* Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Guidelines
* Production Location Transparency Guidelines
* Sample Non-Solicitation & Non-Compete Agreement
* Best Practices in Legal and Regulatory Compliance
* Sample HIPAA Policies and Procedures
* Sample Business Associate Agreement
* Guidelines for Establishing a HIPAA-Compliant Home-Based Office
* U.S. 50-State Data Privacy Survey

Click here to learn more about the Healthcare Documentation Ethical Best Practices Manual.