Elderly Patients Hit Hardest By Nurse Shortage

The nurse staffing invoice funding experts at PRN Funding recently came across a blog entry by Brooke Stafford (a nursing practitioner student and also writes for Family Nurse Practitioner Degrees) that we wanted to share with our nurse staffing industry readers.

Ms. Stafford wrote about Five Ways the Nursing Shortage is Affecting the Elderly, which we condensed below:

  1. Too many patients – Because there are fewer nurses to go around, they often take on more patients than they can effectively handle.
  2. More mistakes – If your nurse doesn’t know one patient from the next, it can be easy to confuse treatments, drugs, and more.
  3. More falls – While in a health care facility, falling is one of the most common ways seniors injure themselves.
  4. Quicker discharge – Ever feel as if you’re being rushed out of a hospital or other health care facility? The nursing shortage might be to blame.
  5. Quality drop – This is perhaps the most dangerous way the nursing shortage is affecting the elderly.