Doctors have Issues with Health Care Reform

Bernadine Healy, M.D., health editor of U.S. News and World Report, wrote an article back in June detailing doctors’ concerns about President Obama’s proposed health care plan. 

Obama spoke to the American Medical Association (AMA) in June and outlined one of his concerns with doctors: their common over treatment of patients.  Indeed, many doctors across the country admit to giving patients additional tests that may not be absolutely necessary.  What’s more, these tests accounts for 20-30 cents of every health care dollar.  However, the doctors’ reason for administering these tests is hardly monetary; instead they are protecting themselves from frivolous lawsuits. 

While some of these suits are just and reasonable, a majority of them are frivolous and end doctors’ careers.  For example, Healy said she ran into a physician who told her he had recently won a case involving a stroke patient.  The doctor decided not to use risky therapy, and the patient died.  The doctor said he also would have been sued had he administered the treatment and the patient died.  Either way, the doctor loses.

For the moment, Healy explains that President Obama and democratic leadership have ignored the problem of defensive medicine.  Also, she claims that Medicaid reimburses doctors at such a low price that some end up losing money treating patients.  How will a bigger government entity with more people under their plan be able to properly reimburse doctors for patient care so that they don’t lose money?

A Gallup Poll released 2 days after the AMA meeting showed that when it comes to health reform, Americans trust their doctors more than they trust their political leaders. 

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