CMS Approves New Rates for HCBS Waivers in Pennsylvania

Last week, CMS approved new rates that were proposed by the Office of Long-Term Living (OLTL) for those home care agencies that provide services under HCBS waivers, including Act 150, Attendant Care, Aging, CommCare, OBRA and Independence.

A couple of different regions were affected by the new rates:

Allegheny, Beaver and Westmoreland Counties
Decrease in reimbursement for PAS (personal assistance services) from $21 to $17.16.

Philadelphia County
Increase in reimbursement for PAS from $15.76 to $19.12.

Montgomery County
Decrease in reimbursement for PAS from $24 to $19.12.

There are a couple more counties throughout the state of Pennsylvania that will see slight decreases or increases.

The Pennsylvania Homecare Association has been following the new rate change closely and advising its members on how best to handle the changeover. Click here for more information on the New Rates for HCBS Waivers.