Cloud Lifted on MedQuist Lawsuit

In January, we gave our medical transcription blog readers an update on the MedQuist Class Action Settlement. Four months later, we have a new update… In short, the litigation cloud that had been looming over MedQuist has finally been lifted because the Company recently announced entry of final judgment approving settlement and started dismissing the consolidated medical transcriptionist class action lawsuit.

As a refresher, Medquist originally reported in 2004 that certain individual medical transcriptionists began class action litigation against MedQuist, alleging that the medical transcription service systematically and wrongfully underpaid medical transcriptionists.

As part of the settlement, MedQuist agreed to implement certain measures to ensure transparency in medical transcription pay. In addition, MedQuist agreed to pay $1.5 million (approximately $1.1 million will be given to the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity). The funds are to be used to develop programming for the general benefit of medical transcriptionists and the medical transcription industry. AHDI also agreed to offer certain programs for free to class members outlined in the settlement documentation.

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