Challenges for the Medical Coding Vendor

There’s a lot of buzz these days going around about the growth of the medical coding industry, especially the concept of outsourcing what was once a predominantly in-house service. Of course with any change comes a certain amount of worries and questions.

Gone are the days when a health care facilitiy only calls on a medical coding vendor when they need to catch up on a back log. Health care facilities are now starting to use medical coding vendors to meet all of their coding demands.

As this trend continues to grow, and it will, the key for medical coding service owners is to minimize the perceived risk associated with outsourcing. The medical coding services who will succeed in the marketplace are those who understand how to stop the preception that outsourced work is less quality work. It’s a very different way of selling compared to traditional sales. We highly recommend the book Crossing the Chasm: How to Win Mainstream Markets for Technology Products by Geoffrey A. Moore as a good guideline for how to sell to physicians.