Are Baby Boomer Nurses Burning Out?

AMN Healthcare published the results of their 2008 Survey of Nurses 45 to 60 Years Old Based on 2007 Data, and the research points to baby boomers nurses could be facing career burnout.  Fifty-five percent of nurses actively involved in patient care are 45 years old or older, and 36 percent on 50 and older.Of the 7,500 surveys mailed, 1,831 were returned with responses.  We have included some of the responses below:

52.6% are currently working in a permanent hospital staff position.51.1% have over 26 years of nursing experience. 

45.8 % of the nurses surveyed said they are less satisfied with their job now then they were five years ago. 

82.5% of the nurses surveyed identify the nurse shortage as the main source of the professional frustration. 

41.5% of those surveyed said that nursing is less dynamic, rewarding, and robust than when he/she began their nursing career 

Q: With the general aging baby boomer population looming, it’s easy to see how crucial temporary nurse staffing agencies will become in solving this nurse shortage problem.  How would you solve it?