AMN’s 2010 Survey Reports RNs Switching Jobs Soon

AMN Healthcare recently reached out to over 1000 Registered Nurses and asked them to complete a survey related to job-satisfaction, and the results are in:

    1. 44% are ready to make a career change within 3 years
    2. More than 1/3 are unhappy with their current job situation
    3. Nearly 60% currently hold full-time permanent positions at a hospital
    4. 15% plan to switch jobs if the economy improves within the next year
    5. 28% said they agreed with this statement: “I will not be working in this job a year from now.”
    6. 46% of nurses agree with the statement “I worry this job is affecting my health.”
    7. 29% plan to leave the nursing profession completely within the next 1-3 years
    8. 55% believe that the quality of care that nurses provide today has declined compared to when they started in nursing
    9. 36% said they either would not recommend nursing as a career to young people or were not sure that they would

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