AHDI’s Vitals eNewsletter Changes to eBrief

Beginning in January 2011, AHDI and MTIA members will begin receiving a weekly eBrief publication instead of Vitals.

The new eBrief promises to deliver the same kinds of medical transcription and healthcare documentation industry news that Vitals did, including:

  • MT industry news and trends
  • Information on regulatory issues
  • Privacy and security updates
  • Mergers and acquisitions announcements
  • Emerging technology updates
  • Much more!

Keep in mind that those medical transcriptionists and MTSOs who are not members of MTIA or AHDI can also freely subscribe to the new eBrief.

AHDI Members Contact Info:
800-982-2182 or ahdi@ahdionline.org

MTIA Members Contact Info:
800-543-MTIA or mtia@mtia.com