AHDI Uses MT Week to Connect to Next Generation Workforce

The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) is proactively reaching out to NextGen medical transcriptionists to combat a pending medical transcription workforce and recruitment challenge. AHDI believes the healthcare documentation industry “will soon reach a critical point of disconnect with the demands of an evolving healthcare delivery system – a system that will continue to seek other documentation solutions to meet the high-volume documentation needs that are anticipated in health care as Baby Boomers enter the long-term care continuum” and Baby Boomer medical transcription workforce enters retirement. 


AHDI feels so strongly about attracting next-generation documentation specialists into the profession that they have developed an entire campaign around it, Next Gen Campaign for 2008. Partering with the Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA), the two medical transcription trade associations are encouraging its medical transcription business owners to help them raise awareness and recruit Next Gen medical transcriptionists. 


For your convenience, we’ve included a bullet-point list of AHDI’s ideas to help promote MT awareness: 


·         Host an open informational event for the general public to educate them about the profession and the career.


·         Participate in a local high school or community college career fair to recruit interested candidates into the profession and guide them to the right career information and selection of an approved-school program.


·         Host a military spouse informational meeting at a local military institution or military base.

·         Host a reception, preferably during National Medical Transcriptionist Week (May 18-24, 2008), for all local students, recent graduates, and new MTs to encourage their membership and involvement in AHDI.


In addition, healthcare documentation specialists and MTSOs are encouraged to enter the I Love My Career contest, and wear AHDI’s eye-catching recruitment button “I Love My Career…Ask Me Why?” to educate the general public about a career in healthcare documentation and to point interested individuals to the career information found at the AHDI website.


Click here to learn more about AHDI’s Next Gen Campaign and MTWeek.